Yahoo error code 554 can be extremely frustrating. Troubleshooting with Yahoo Customer Support is the right decision for this error. But, you can also opt for a DIY method to determine the obstacle.

It is an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) error that arises when a client attempts to send an email. 

The Error appears when the server assumes your email is a spam or your IP address is blacklisted

In Yahoo mail, if the receiver address does not exist, then the 554 transfer error message comes up. The reason behind this Error message is unique in different situations. So let’s understand everything about this error and how to fix this temporary error code 554.

Let’s see how this error code 554 looks

{554 delivery error: This user doesn’t have Account}

This indicates that the receiver account does not exist and the mail delivery is failed.

Reasons for Getting (Yahoo 554 delivery error: dd requested mail action aborted)

  • You will face this issue whenever you send an email to the wrong email address.
  • Spamming is also the reason for this issue.
  • An incorrect time setting in the system can create this Yahoo error code 554.
  • If your email contains spam link, broken content or illegal content then you can face this blunder.

Final Steps To Fix Yahoo Error Code 554

  • Verify the receiver email address twice before sending an email.
  • Confirm from the email recipient that his/her account exists or not.
  • Kindly check that your content does not involve HTML forms or Java Scripts.
  • Review Yahoo policy once, maybe there is some content in your mail that is not allowed to send.
  • Try another brand mail for test send to confirm the presence of the receiver mailbox.


554 delivery error is not a big deal, you can easily fix this issue by following the above solution, and if you want a permanent solution for this error or want to complain about this issue, then Contact Yahoo Support and tell them your concern.

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