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Removing ads in Yahoo is easy & simple, you just need to add an extension in your browser or you can purchase an ad-free subscription for your mail.

These ads can be nosy and disturbing, mainly if you click on them by mistake. If you cannot overlook them, you can cover, delete or block them. 

We hope you understand that there is no such thing which is free of cost. Like other webmail providers, Yahoo also serves ads to your email to make money. But you should understand why, after all, you are getting your email service at free of cost. 

Three Straight-Forward Way to Remove Ads in Yahoo Mail

1. Remove Your Advertisements With the help of Yahoo Mail Pro

Upgrading to Yahoo mail pro is the official way to remove ads from Yahoo mail. The Pro plan assures an ad-free interface for your Yahoo account on all your devices and browsers, Apart from that, Yahoo pro user gets first preference technical support for Yahoo.

2. Temporary Hide Advertising in Yahoo emails

Well if you are not ready to pay for your Yahoo email account, then you can remove the advertising temporary. The simplest way to avoid ads “that you see in your Yahoo account” is to hide them. To do that, enter into your email account and look for the arrow pointing to the right between your email and the ads. By clicking on this arrow, you can cover the ads. But remember this is not a permanent resolution. 

3. Install an ad blocker into your browser.

Another method of removing banner Ads in Yahoo mail is -install a free ad-blocking extension or add-on to your browser. For example, we always recommended Ad-block Plus to block advertising, in this ads blocker you can customize filters to block particular sites.

Add Extension on Google Chrome to Block Ads in Yahoo Mail

  • Open the Google Chrome Browser and click on the three vertical dots, which are placed on the top right corner.
  • From the drop-down menu go to the more tools option and click on extensions.
  • Now under the search box type ad-block.
  • Later, you require clicking the + free then clicking Add.
  • Soon, the Ad Block button will seem next to your Chrome menu button.
  •  Tap on the Ads Block button.
  • Pick Options to open a new tab.
  • Review the Filter List option and make sure that the Easy List is checked.
  • Conclusively, you require restarting your chrome browser and sign-in to Yahoo mail to enjoy ads-free yahoo mail.

Add Extension on Mozilla Firefox to Block Ads In Yahoo Mail

  • Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and click on the settings.
  • Pick Add-ons.
  • Search Ad Block Plus under the search bar.
  • Tap on the Install button accessible right next to the Ad Block Plus.
  • Snap-on the Ad Block Plus button.
  • Select Filter Preferences.
  • Assure that the Easy List is verified.
  • Ensure to uncheck the box against Allow some non-intrusive advertising.
  • Don’t remember to restart your browser to enjoy ads-free Yahoo mail.